Saturday, July 11th 10:30-12pm, Palmer House, Room: Clark 05

The LITA Distance Learning Interest Group will meet at the 2009 ALA Annual Conference in Chicago to discuss current issues in distance learning and future plans for DLIG:

Current issues in DL

  • Course Management, Learning Management and WebConferencing Systems.  Many institutions are moving to moodle. Let’s share our experiences integrating library resources into these systems, challenges posed by moving to a new system, and solutions for collaboration.
  • Learning objects and tutorials. How are you creating and sharing online instructional content? Where would you like to see these projects go?
  • Economic impacts on DL programs. How have budget cuts impacted your ability to engage with distance students, faculty and staff through technology?

Future of DLIG

  • What would you like to see from DLIG over the next six months?
  • How can we best use ALA Connect or a DLIG listserv to communicate?
  • What kind of programming would you like to see at future conferences?