Saturday, July 11th 10:30-12pm, Palmer House, Room: Clark 05

The LITA Distance Learning Interest Group will meet at the 2009 ALA Annual Conference in Chicago to discuss current issues in distance learning and future plans for DLIG:

Current issues in DL

  • Course Management, Learning Management and WebConferencing Systems.  Many institutions are moving to moodle. Let’s share our experiences integrating library resources into these systems, challenges posed by moving to a new system, and solutions for collaboration.
  • Learning objects and tutorials. How are you creating and sharing online instructional content? Where would you like to see these projects go?
  • Economic impacts on DL programs. How have budget cuts impacted your ability to engage with distance students, faculty and staff through technology?

Future of DLIG

  • What would you like to see from DLIG over the next six months?
  • How can we best use ALA Connect or a DLIG listserv to communicate?
  • What kind of programming would you like to see at future conferences?

You are invited to the LITA Distance Learning Interest Group discussion!

Saturday, January 12, 10:30-12:00pm, Courtyard Downtown, Salon III
#3 on the map (PDF).

The LITA Distance Learning Interest Group will meet at the 2008 ALA Midwinter Conference in Philadelphia to discuss current issues in distance learning and some of the exciting things the interest group has planned. Here are a few of the things we’d like to discuss:

  • Our program, If we don’t call it distance learning, does it exist?, for Annual 2008.
  • A possible LITA webinar on distance learning issues.
  • A possible online course.
  • Uses for our blog at .
  • General issues in distance learning such as integrating library resources with course management systems.

Are there other topics you’d like to discuss? Please feel free to leave them in the comments or email Karen Wetzel or Lauren Pressley and we’ll add them to our list.

All are invited! Please bring your experiences and ideas to share in an informal setting. We hope that you will join us for a lively and useful discussion.

Hi everyone,

After so many mix-ups with the last ALA meeting, I want to be sure to get on your calendars early for ALA Midwinter 2008. We’ve asked to have space for the Distance Learning Interest Group would to meet Saturday, January 12th, from 10:30 am to 12 noon.

This isn’t confirmed yet, so use pencil! I’ll update when you should upgrade to ink 🙂

ALA Recap

August 24, 2007

We officially posted a summary of our meeting on the LITA Blog, but we wanted to update you here, too.

This Annual Meeting was a bit complicated for our group.  There was a room mix up before we got to Washington so we weren’t in the program, we were assigned a room, but another group was on the scheduled board outside it so they were meeting there, we weren’t sure we would have a room, but the hotel was kind enough to find us another spot to meet.  When all was said and done, we were a small group of three.  We were disappointed we weren’t able to meet with the regular Distance Learning Interest Group folks, but the small group did allow for more detailed discussion about specifics at our institutions.

We also determined that if any group could deal with such in-person scheduling conflicts, it should be the distance learning folks!  We are used to communicating across space and asynchronously, it’s our job after all.   So we set up to talk about ways to make this interest group more vital throughout the year.

Our first step is this blog.  Here we hope to provide a space for community discussion and a place where people can share success stories or tips. We decided that some good topics to begin with include copyright law and licensing, case studies, screen casts of things that work, and materials that distance learning librarians can share among themselves.

We also talked about trying to put together an online distance learning interest group meeting so that we can get together the 25-30 people who typically would come to our discussion group.  If any of you have interest in something like this, please leave a note in the comments or email us.

Finally, we discussed programming options and submitted a proposal.  We’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything.

So, over the next few weeks we’ll be posting general topics here (in the same manner that we bring up general topics of discussion for the group) and would love to have discussions in the comments.  If you see a better way to facilitate discussion on the blog, please let us know.  We really want this to be something that is useful for everyone.

ALA Meeting Agenda

June 23, 2007

We have a rough agenda — talking points, really — for the LITA Distance Learning Interest Group (DLIG) meeting at ALA Annual (Saturday, June 23rd, 10:30 a.m. – 12 noon / Renaissance Washington – Room 2)

  1. Introduction to DLIG & update
    • New cochair
    • Blog
    • Technical Services Quarterly (Barry Baker’s column)
  2. How to make DLIG more beneficial & ideas on how to coordinate with other DL groups
  3. July deadline for 2008 LITA Forum – ideas, volunteers
  4. Distance Learning open discussion:
    • 2.0 technologies
    • Outreach — what works, what doesn’t
    • Are we making users go through the library for help, or are we giving them tools to work on their own and/or meet them where they are?
    • True tales: successes/problems

We hope you are able to join us, but if you couldn’t make it, feel free to add your own thoughts here! We’ll be posting minutes following the meeting, as well.

The LITA Distance Learning Interest Group will meet during ALA Annual Conference at the Renaissance Washington, Room 2, on Saturday, June 23rd, from 10:30-noon.

These meetings have been fairly informal in the past, providing an opportunity for us to engage with each other as a community about ongoing issues, new projects, and shared success stories. Please let me know if you have any specific items you would like to see on the agenda.

We hope to see you there!