MLA News Technology — writing opportunity

November 26, 2007

Here’s a call for authors that cites distance ed as a recent topic for this column. Have a new perspective you could provide?  Particularly good for those who work with health/medical libraries and distance learners/services.


Write an article for the MLA News Technology column in 2008! Writing provides a great opportunity to either share expertise you already have or delve into a topic you’ve been wanting to learn about.

Your column can be a topic review, a case study, or a report on the state of a technology. Recent topics: distance education applications, data mining, Web-based reference management tools, and library podcasts.

Some of the topics we’re interested in for 2008:

– GIS for health information
– Responsible disposal or reuse of equipment
– The InfoButton
– Anatomy of a query URL: If I run it again tomorrow, will it still work?
– Productivity software: alternatives to Office

Your own topic suggestions are, of course, welcome as well. Maximum length: 700 words.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Pat Weiss
Lynne Fox
Technology Co-Editors, MLA News
Patricia M. Weiss, MLIS
Reference & Information Technology Librarian
Technology Editor, MLA News

Falk Library – Health Sciences Library System – 200 Scaife Hall – University of Pittsburgh
3550 Terrace Street – Pittsburgh, PA 15261 – Phone 412.648.2040 – Fax 412.648.8819

Health Sciences Library System:


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